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10856611_10152853072121265_4546998954004364808_oMarleen Vermeulen

My inspiration to paint the land and seascapes and share the beauty and spirit of this beautiful land.  My roots are European- so I did receive most of my art education in The Netherlands. As a graduate from The Design Academy in Eindhoven and The Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht, I have explored Art in many dimensions- in the true sense of aesthetics, as well as in Industrial Design and daily life.

In the 1980’s and begin 90’s I had an international career in graphic design, corporate design and management. I won recognition from the industry for a Corporate Identity Strategy Manual in the form of an International Gold Design Award in London, UK.

Employed by a London graphics design firm, DIA, I created corporate communication strategies for a number of international companies, including Honda Motors Europe, Costain and TNT Sky Pak.

Settling in Canada on the Sunshine Coast with my family in 1994, I found great inspiration in the natural beauty of the West Coast. This created a balance, sparking my current lifestyle, allowing more focus on my painting.

West Coast EnergyHere I am surrounded by nature and ever-present to an overwhelming sense of expanse. Originally from Europe, I had never experienced this before. Every single day, I am aware of true greatness, openness and beauty when I view the ocean and North Shore Mountains, or on my yearly kayak trips and daily runs through the forest.

Currently I am represented by the Kurbatoff Art Gallery for the greater Vancouver and White Rock area.

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Marlene Lowden

I am an abstract painter. I primarily work in oil and paint my impressions of life on canvas. The physical act of painting, the process, is as important to me  as colour choice, contrast, composition, and all the “laws” of design and art making.

I’ve been painting since I was a teen. I discovered then, the power of turning colour into a tree, sunset or mountaintop. I learned that I had the freedom to change what I saw or felt into my own expression of it. I love to paint and I’ve been compelled to create ever since.

My fascination with visual art, technology, and film making lead me to a post secondary education in Broadcast Television, and I worked in the industry for a number of years until finally returning my focus back to my original love of oil painting.

I am continually coming up with ideas and I’ve devoted most of my life to exploring those ideas through some form of art. When you see my work, you are seeing a visual translation of my thoughts and ideas on canvas.

I am an abstract painter but really, I’m an optimist striving to connect with people through my artwork because I believe that connection creates awareness and understanding.   

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Enjoy a few images of Marlene’s recent work
or please visit her MarleneLowden.com.

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